Nightmare: The Adventures 3

Help young Victor conquer his fears in the third installment to the Nightmare Adventure series! #HalloweenGames
 After easing Broken Bone's Complaint, and Hairy De Bully's dilemma the past two moons, another frightful night awaits little Victor in his sleep. And sure enough, it's "Barron's" turn to give him a hard day's night.

Nightmare The Adventures: The Barron of Vermin Famine

 Far within the recesses of Victor's dreams, lays a confusing array of library isles. Also known as the land of "Vermin Famine". Everything is said to be 4 times larger. With mysterious creatures lurking within this sea of inertia.

 Mr. Barron is highly upset and gets a perverse kick out of scaring those half his size. Unfortunately, he has chosen to take it out on you tonight.

 Aid Victor in solving the problems of this rodent with a mass inferiority complex. Or he'll keep bugging the crap out of you every night until he gets what he wants!

Review of Nightmare the Adventures Episode 3

 Thought the books which leap out at you with fierce teeth was just perfect! But speaking to friendly cockroaches while on your quest seems a bit odd. Don't you think(in a good way)?

 Now about that one-piece puzzle I could not solve. Even if my life depended on it! And right now, I cannot find a walk through on it. So you're on your own. Sorry guys.:)

 But otherwise, if you enjoyed the series thus far, there won't be any disappointments with "Barron".

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Nightmare: The Adventures 3 Walkthrough

1. Get string from middle of floor and the key in the upper-left.

2. Click the upper-arrow.

3. Get glasses from desk.

4. Give string to cockroach in ink-well.

5. Use the key on left book then click arrow that appears.

6. Use glasses to distort cats vision, take feather, then exit to the left.

7. Click to remove latter then click on new arrow.

8. Use feather to tickle cockroaches feet then leave.

9. Click on the left arrow then right arrow of book.

10. Take the snowman head, carrot, and left arm(on right-most tree).

11. Leave then visit left arrow of book.

12. Take hat on top of tree above Victor, right arm on right side of tree, snowball just below Victor, and snowman eyes to the right of him.

13. On bottom-right snowball assemble all snowman parts together.

14. Leave and then quickly go to right arrow of book.

15. Get shovel then leave.

16. Click left arrow then rightmost arrow.

17. Zoom into puzzle to solve it.

18. Use shovel on cup to free cockroach.

19. When you leave Victor's nightmares have been vanquished again.

Play Nightmare: The Adventures 3!


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