Nightmare The Adventures 2

Help Victor fight the Vacuum monsters and help Hairy De Bully live peacfully in the swampy jungle again! #HalloweenGames #Nightmares #HalloweenFunGames
 Victor had a little fallout over Broken Bones Complaint last night. Who was dumped from "The Lost Quaquas" tour. Broken bones spent the rest of his days terrorizing children in their sleep.

 Until that night, a brave little boy dared to play a little jazz with his friends. And instantly, his spirits were revived from that dark cloud of despair which left Broken Bones wallowing in the pit of self-despair. From that night onward, he never bothered little Victor nor interfered with his dreams again.

Who Want's To Frame Hairy De Bully?

 But then came dusk and finally nightfall. To this child's utter shock, another nightmare predator has come to terrorize poor little Victor. This time a snarling beast named Hairy De Bully(don't ask. It's French).

 Mysterious creatures have ganged up on him. On hearing of Broken Bones recovery, Mr. Hairy intruded within young Victor's dreams. Tonight, his soul has been kidnapped into some creepy swamp.

 Now you must find a way to pull the plug on these ravenous vacuum monsters or else live with the same nightmare the rest of your life.

Review of Nightmare The Adventures: Who Want's To Frame Hairy De Bully

 Interesting concept to see killer vacuum cleaners haunting this spooky swamp. However some of the characters weren't well thought out(for instance, the monkey and snake. Not much in the way of Halloween material). But besides that, The episode is very much as engaging as the last one. I enjoyed it immensely. Mainly because of the rich animation and overall atmosphere of this game.

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Nightmare the Adventures 2 Walkthrough

1. Get wooden logs from far left of screen.

2. Click on the left-most Arrow.

3. Click on coconut tree to release a coconut 4 times.

4. Click to retrieve bucket and net then leave.

5. Click on the right-most Arrow.

6. Get vine from branch.

7. Place net underneath small blue monkey.

8. Pull on ragweed to unleash rock on snake then go back.

9. Use coconut on top-left vacuum then click corresponding down Arrow.

10. Use bucket to retard flames then pick up wood planks.

11. Zoom unto panel and play Simon Says to unplug vacuum then go out.

12. Use coconut on top-left Vacuum and click corresponding Arrow.

13. Use Vine on Stalegtite then swing across then retrieve scissors.

14. Zoom in and again play Simon Says to unplug second vacuum then go out.

15. Use coconut on bottom-left vacuum then click corresponding arrow. 

16. Use scissors to get rid of spider.

17. Again zoom in to play Simon Says to unplug vacuum then leave.

18. Use coconut on bottom-right vacuum and click corresponding arrow.

19. Use planks on broken bridge.

20. Zoom in and play the final Simon Says.

21. Victor has vanquished another nightmare.

Play Nightmares: The Adventures 2 - Who Wants To Frame Hairy De Bully?


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