Take a load of #Tombscape by #Psionic. The makers of #Ghostscape!
 "Tombscape" is a point-and-click escape-the-room hybrid developed by A.J Man Team of Psionic. This game was developed use Photoshop and a few other gadgets.


 Legend has it there are riches unspeakable hidden within that temple in front of you-famously Known as The Tombscape. Where the god's never sleep day or night-Watching over this place against any mortal who'd dare profane this most sacred temple with their presence. So the legend further warns. But there is an inscription upon the door post that reads like this...

 "Whosoever thou entereth through these doors shall be struck with many plagues." Now of course you're not much for superstition...Come-on it's the 21st century for crying out loud. But just in case, you've brought along some fine artillery(as something from deep down inside is admonishing you "There's something within these walls"). Besides, it took you four days to reach this spot. No need to throw it all away over a stupid myth.

So the scavenger hunt begins. Going where no mortal has ever dared gone before.

Tombscape Review

 Let me tell you. This is the best point-and-click adventure I've ever come across! Thrilling, suspenseful, adventurous, innovative, those are the best words I can come up with! This is the thing folks are looking for in a flash game!

With a panoramic introduction along with it's excellent strategy-building element, Tombscape is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat in what the next room will give to you. The graphics are so real, you could reach out and touch it(though I wouldn't dare unless you want a broken monitor). A.J. has done a terrific job executing such an adventurous and interactive flash game!

Ratings 5 Stars!

Here's a thorough Walkthrough!

Now play Tombscape!


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