Easy Peasy Escape

See if you can #escape this empty room. ##RoomEscapeGamesEasy Peasy Escape is a room-escape point-and-click from gamershood.com.


 Someone must really like you, dude. To end up kidnapped a dozen times by a sick prankster is just plain obvious. But how could you be so sure? Not one shred of evidence is left behind. No-the real question should be not "Who" but "What" is doing all this to me?

 Since you seem to end up in these places after falling asleep, maybe it's all in your head? Na!-you swear everything's as vivid as daylight. But then after finding a key or whatever, you walk out the door, then find yourself sprawled-out on the couch-waking from what appears to be a bizarre nightmare.

Easy Peasy Escape Review

 The excessive pixel hunting and lack of clickable objects makes you wonder why this game was called "Easy Peasy Escape". Heck, the lack of audio may bore you after awhile. But regardless, the strategy they built-in was neat(but nothing really unique).

Ratings: 2.99 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Now go play Easy Peasy Escape!


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