Astrokid Space Adventure

Hop along on a space #Adventure with Astrokid. #3D #PlatformingGames Astrokid is a quasi-retro 2D space platformer by Dominik of the threesome team at FGJ(and I don't mean that kind of threesome either).


 Care for a little platforming in your space boots? Well then, let's go on a little adventure. Shall we???

 Poor astroboy is lost within the deep recesses of space. Good thing he knows his way around(which seems odd for one who needs a little guidance). Otherwise, he'd wind up a pile of gunk 3 trillion light-years away.

 Prepare to be spoon-fed for the first 9 levels. But thereafter, your on your own pal. No more tips. No more walkthroughs. It's all in your hands to bring space boy to his destination.

Good luck and may the force be with you!

Astrokid Space Adventure Review

 Whatever your skill level is, I think you'll get an astro-kick out of this game. At first, it's like stealing candy from a baby! But as the platforms progress, you'll feel the heat turned up.

 The thing that's most unique, you cannot jump under any circumstances. Your thinking caps must be turned on. Strategy-building must be put on full-swing to get from point A to point B(which is a blue warp leading to the next course). For that, I give him an A for standing out among the crowd.

 The sound-effects are very crisp and distinguishable. Even the music fits right in to the look and feel of this astro platformer. So to wrap it all up, I'm sure you will get addicted for at least an hour!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Astrokid Space Adventure!


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