Maple Story Flash Version

Here is the #BrowserBased #FlashGame version of #MableStory!
 My apologies on Hapland. Had no idea there were a few blood scenes burrowed within. But I promise you. This next review has none of that. Now let's start talking "Maple Story".


 Maple Story is a 2D platforming adventure from Nexton. There is a free MPORPG version which is an extension to this browser edition.


 Guide akooma Matadda along a fascinating adventure through the Asian backwoods. All the while battling retarded worms, jolly old acorns, and a few desperate hooded Pikachu's. Someone had told him to get prepared for what's comin'. I doubt he had this in mind.

 Armed with a sword and shelf, he must rescue an Oriental girl from the clutches of who knows what! The Kingdom of Mytai is counting on you. The two of you are the only hope for restoring peace and prosperity to this once thriving wilderness. Don't let the darkness have it's way with you.

Maple Story Flash Review

 An intriguing foreign adventure through many Savanna-like platforms and ridges. The soundtrack adds an oriental flavor to the mix. Those simplified sound-effects make it all the more unique. Collecting stolen gems from a slain enemy is like knocking a few bowling pins or dropping an empty soda can in a peep-hole trash bin.

 If the designer could only allow easier navigation with keys that are more familiar to most, that would be great. But in all, I think they've done an awesome job executing such a fun cartoonish platformer.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

 What I've got here is the free flash version. There are many P.C. and console editions available Here!

Play Maple Story!


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