Loops of Zen

Here is the first installment to #LoopsofZen! #SerenityGames
 Loops of Zen is a puzzle-solving game from alproductions.us by Arend Twine with music by Chris Adami. A sequel can be found over Here.

Tonight's the night to be in the mood for Zen.

 Let yourself be taken away within "Loops of Zen". Allow the euphony to induce you in an alpha state as you synchronize all loops into one quintessential shape. Take your time. Your noodle will come in handy.

 Use your mouse to click and rotate those loops until all is whole. There are 50 levels to "Loops of Zen". With a new experience each time you endeavor to beat them all. And if you do reach that limit, pat yourself on the back! A whole new era of enlightenment shall befall your little senses. But don't expect Nirvana.

Play the sequel Here.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Now Play Loops of Zen!


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