Extreme Trucks Review

Take big wheels out for a spin in extreme trucks by #GamesSheep!
Ever wanted to let your emasculate side run loose?

Just this once?

 Well, tonight's your lucky night. Introducing "Extreme Trucks"! Hosted by Gamesheep.com An adventure sport involving big-wheels and monster trucks.

 Pummel your way through hills and troughs on rocky terrain as you try and reach the finish line. There are 9 obstacle courses. But easy does it with little Rover. He's got a tendency to flip over(and frustrate). Just keep a wary eye on the brake and you'll do fine.

Extreme Trucks Review

 It's a gamer's paradise to have unlimited lives. I'm sad to say this is not the case. But the biggest cliche is perishing. You'll have to start all the way back at the beginning(most likely cause you tipped over and burned).

 If you don't mind those little hurtles, I think you'll appreciate the sound effects and 2D action-adventure. The graphics go right with it's spirit of extremism. You could almost see the pebbles you grind through on the ground.

 Those exceptions aside, my hat goes off to whoever developed "Extreme Trucks".

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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