Gingerbread Circus

See if you can target your praxis in #Gingerbread Circus! #ComedyGames #FlashGames
 Time to play pin the gingerbread man! You'll have to excuse me since I'm in a bit of a rush(Got to be out the door in 10 minutes).;)

 Gingerbread Circus is a sporty point-and-click strategy game. Created by Joe from the studios of!

 You are in front of many spectators. I know it's a circus. But bear with me. See how many times you can strike each object(balloons, bottles, plates, etc.) without hurting your fellow gingerbread men. The more items you strike without any harm to your partner the better(and higher your score).

 All you need is a mouse with a little hand-eye coordination. You can even choose between Normal Mode or Hard at the beginning. Just give them a show to remember. After all, you are the contender. They are the spectators who demand their monies worth.

Good luck!

Gingerbread Circus Review

 I am so happy this game does not contain any blood and guts(as so many games do shamelessly nowadays).

The gameplay is somewhat comical yet fairly animated. It's nothing to write home to Aunt Meggie but can be fairly interesting when you don't have much to do at work.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Gingerbread Circus!


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