Squirrel Escape

Check out this neat #PlatformingGame by #MateuszSkutnik! #OnlineGames "Squirrel Escape" is a platforming room-escape adventure. Developed by Mateusz Skutnik. A Norwegian online gamer also behind the creation of The Great Escape Series and The Submachine Series.


 Today, you are a squirrel(More likely a cat from Alice In Wonderland) burled deep within an endless maze of mechanical rooms. With no clue on how you even got there in the first place. Apparently, your kidnapper just loves playing tricks with your mind.

 Look around. You might find something useful(like a key or toy switch). Watch out for those little surprises(trust me they bite). Especially them little snarling meanies with deformed physiques. Unless you want your score carved out(Every assault eats away at those numbers)!

Now here's a little legend I drew up for you as a reference.

Upper Arrow=Jumping

Right and Left=roaming about

Spacebar=opening doors, pulling leverages, or activating switches.

Squirrel Escape Review

 I love 2-D platformers! However, this ones a bit frustrating and just keeps getting more so as you get deeper within the maze. Particularly when jumping to avoid those nasty buggers. I couldn't get this guy to latch on to a platform even if it meant life or death! So do be warned on those mishaps(but don't judge a developer by his first game either-Trust me! He's come along way).

 Other then a few quirks, I think you will appreciate Mat's journey as a game developer(this one came out around 2005).

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Play Squirrel Escape!


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