Contra Game

You must aid the contra Marines in aiding humanity from the #Zombie apocalypse! #OnlineGames
 The year is 2682. A much anticipated and hyped up meteorite has fallen from the sky. Many wish-casters and sensationalists predicted the end was near. Only to be disappointed with a small splash off of New Zealand.

 Just two years had passed. Something awoke from within it's remains under the sea! Dozens of hideous creators enveloped the land from a white cloud and multiplied across the four corners of the Earth! Billions of souls were infected by a contagious virus. Which enabled the queen to manipulate their minds. No longer was humanity free to choose it's own destiny.

 But a light does shine at the end of the tunnel. Two men known fondly as "The Contra Marines" were immune to this disease! Now Together, they must stop this mad witch and restore peace and harmony on this terrestrial ball.

Contra Review

 I love the customization they allow with the controls. You always wanna K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple Stupid). Whatever keys work best for you!

 I enjoyed the NES touch and feel to the old-school pixelated graphical interface and the simple 2D side-scrolling platform.This is pretty much all we had in the 80's and it was great!

 I never got to play this for the Nintendo Entertainment System. So I'll let you review the rest. Does "Contra Flash" in any way resemble the original? Why or why not. I'd love to hear your comments below. But before I go, here's my scour...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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