Steerwheels Review

Here is the first installment of Steerwheels by #GamesReloaded! #FlashGamesSteerwheels is a physics-based strategy game by Tudway from

Can a wheel-axle transport a yellow ball from point A to point B?

 Well, that all depends on you. Physics will tell us there is no motion without a force or source of energy behind it. And it is the same principle that brings us to this steering wheel adventure.

 You must guide the yellow ball with your two-wheeled axle to the yellow platform wall. Only a specified amount of time is available. So times of luxury you don't have. Not to mention, falling off will cost you a life. Your only allotted three lives. Keep it up and your back at the beginning.
 All you'll be needing are the Arrow Keys to move and the Spacebar to get your head in the game. Good luck and have a ball.

Steerwheels Review

 This little mechanical game stands out from most flash games(with few exceptions). Your protagonist is a two-wheel-set axle with a yellow ball. Quite simplified, yet very profound and challenging(after awhile).

 I wish there was a time-free mode with unlimited levels and lives. I would definitely go for that![Update: Tudway has just added bonus levels + he'll be inserting a practice mode without the time trial real soon. I believe this dudes also getting fixed to release part 2 real soon].

 All in all, a great way to illustrate the law of physics or just simply enjoy a platform on wheels.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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