Whooly and The Lost Treasure

Help Whooly find his lost treasure in this #Platforming #AdventureGame!"Wholly and The Lost Treasure" is a platforming adventure created by Lartar @ Party At Work.

 O.K. so your some beaver searching for his pot of gold. No luck thus far. After a long hot day under the desert sun, your eyes start tricking you. Suddenly, you mistaken a bottomless pit for an oasis!

 Instantly as you approach, the ground gives! descending for what seems like an eternity, unto an underground cavern. Abandoned over 4,000 years ago.

 Lurking from room to room. lost in an endless maze of labyrinths. You've certainly found some treasure! But there's only one little problem. There's no way out!

 But alas! A map! If only you could read hieroglyphics!

 That's where you come in my friend. Help this poor old Beaver find the right passage to escape and enjoy his booty. Then he'll have a story to tell. Even if nobody believes him.

 Each door has a street sign. Remember them well. If you look at your map, it will show you the rooms you've already occupied. Stay away from doors with those signs. One exception would be if you've already made a wrong turn. Then start at the beginning and work from there. Otherwise circling through an endless maze will be your eternal lot.

  • Press Left and Right Arrows for motion
  • Upper Arrow to open doors
  • Spacebar to jump
  • N for viewing the map

Wholly And The Lost Treasure Review

 I think he did a fairly great job with the animation and graphical quality. Though the platforms were a bit too redundant and needed more diversity to keep the eye feasted. Also he should work on the volume control. But other then those few plurks, Lartar has done a fine job.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Wholly and the Lost Treasure!


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