Snack Dash

Help this hedgehog avoid the temptation of junkfood and opt instead for healthy snacks. #MoralGames #PlatformGames
 Today I have a Sonic clone for you to play around with. Race through three levels of loop-de-loos, cartwheels, and other moves typical of your favorite hedgehog.

 Your pot of gold is healthy and nutritious snacks. Your enemies are those money mongers. Trying to sell you processed, non-organic junk and those who follow blindly into their lead. Hint: Don't worry about every single thing. Just find the quickest way to the finish line. Just want to explore? Well, be my guest.

 Use the arrows and Spacebar to move and jump. Repetitively hitting A and S are for push ups in case you accidentally ingest a can of soda(wink).

Sonic Snack Dash Review

 I was a little frustrated struggling to race up those steep inverted plains(but gaining more ground usually does the trick). That aside, I think this game has a good moral to the story. Targeted towards school age kids to live healthy lifestyles(no, you can't burn all your fat in one sitting. I wish...sigh).

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Snack Dash!


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