Space Station Jason

Take a load of this #3dPlatformer by #PhantasticGames!
 "Space Station Jason" is a mind-blowing 2D/3D platformer of the future. Developed by Chris and Casper of Gig Roup Productions and Phantastic Games.


 Clearly this dweeb has Attention Deficit Disorder! As a token to his stupidity, the supervisor of Cyberlane Delivery(UPS of tomorrow) had just awarded him "worst employee of the month"! But thankfully, he wasn't canned!

 Jason has been demoted to the simplest task on the job. Delivering first class mail to a few clients nearby. But can he even handle that much? Well, apparently not. You see, while he was munching on a few Supernova's, a Space-Moos sends him whirling right into a black whole. Jolting him trillions of light years away unto a far far away galaxy.

 Obviously, your lost within an endless maze of spiraling platforms. It certainly appears someone or something is playing games with your mind. Never mind not arriving promptly at the station, you might not get back at all!

 That someone or something has torn your spaceship asunder. Leaving many pieces of cargo scattered this frontier. Find and assemble each piece. Then you can take off in your little space boots(a.k.a spaceship)! After all, time goes much slower back home.

 Use the Arrow Keys to walk and the Spacebar for jumping(twice to use the booster). Zoom in and out with W and S. A and R are for rotating the platform. Hit Enter when on top of a blue disk to teleport. Collect a few energy balls to scour more points. But whatever you do, don't fall off. For some strange reason, the rules of physics are pretty loose along the outskirts of the Universe.

Space Station Jason Review

 When it comes to the introduction, I am utterly swept away by the sophisticated futuristic design and 2D/3D hybrid graphics! Even the platforms are intriguingly challenging and fairly unique!

 Jumping on platforms and collecting cargo dots while avoiding a few space grenades are pretty much the name of the game(though I haven't passed level three yet). The camera-angle reminds me a lot about Paper Mario World with it's ability on transforming between a two and three dimensional platform. Something relatively new to the world of flash games.

 But all in all, I was quite impressed by Chris and Casper's ability to synchronize creativity and animation and deliver it through the portal of online gaming!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Space Station Jason!


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