Go Logan

Drive this baby throught he metropolis in Go logan. #DrivingGames #CarGames
 Go Logan is a sporty vehicle online game by Mahinda Renault of Zapak.com Geared more toward test-driving.

 Come along and cruise this baby through the metropolis. Be careful not to ruin your tires nor getting yourself pinched.

 Seems that nobody takes drivers ed seriously. I guess you'll have to give way to the turkeys just busing on by. The rules of the road are the survival of the fittest(But don't be shocked if the police seem to target you).

 Collect as many clocks as you can and obey the traffic signals. Use the Upper Arrow Key to accelerate and the Right and Left Arrows to steer your automobile. Be wary of orange pot-holes. Besides three tickets is enough stress for one day.

Go Logan Review

 Each level seems pretty redundant. You pretty much have controls from the stone age. Plus neighboring vehicles tend to halt you on your brakes. It's alright but nothing to write home about.

But on the other hand, the pictures were well-done with a very realistic-looking introduction. I like how the object wasn't about racing(for a change). To put it into perspective, "Go Logan" is a fairly decent game, though don't expect to be knocked off your socks.

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Go Logan!


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