Escape The Blue Bathroom

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 "Escape From The Blue Bathroom" is a point-and-click room-escape from Rhosus of


 One night, you and your friends decided to throw a high school reunion party after ten years of graduating. It was one heck of a celebration! The whole night was running smoothly until about quarter to 12.

 After saying goodbye to your last guest, your friend pops up and offers you a milkshake from McDonald's. It being the dog days of Summer. You indulge thoroughly!

 Instantly, everything grew dark and fussy. That's all you could recall. Now you've found yourself all sprawled out on the bathroom floor. Kidnapped in your own home.


 Point-and-click your way through and find clues your betrayers have left behind. Your so-called friends have installed a camera to see who you'd handle their test of stupidity. Funny they feel no remorse after pulling this stunt. Next time you won't be so blind and naive.

Escape The Blue Bathroom Walkthrough

#1 Click on the weight scale. Remember that number.

#2 Go to the left cabinet. Third drawer. look at your folks picture. Remember that code.

#3 Scour though your garbage beside sink. Pick up your snotty tissue and grab key.

#4 Go right twice and on your left. click on water control. Turn blue valve and set dial to red.

#5 Set dryer via code found on picture.

#6 This will enable you to open it. Grab a piece of paper from within.

#7 Turn right and open the cabinet above the laundry basket. Use key to open safe above and get crowbar.

#8 Back up, turn on washer, and set it to program 7(First digit from the scale). Back off for awhile. Then approach washer again. Which will enable you to grab wrench from within.

#9 Look through the pile of laundry in basket. Grab another piece of paper.

#10 Go right and use your crowbar to open water control panel. Turn red valve inside.

#11 Go right twice, back to the sink. Use wrench on red valve under it.

#12 Turn on hot water faucet. Steam will fog up mirror.

#13 Take a closer look on mirror. Remember that code well.

#14 Go back to cabinet above laundry basket and use mirror code on safe. Get last piece of paper.

#15 Go to the entrance door with security code. Punch in code in order of middle, bottom, then top. It should then read O.K.

 Congratulations! You've made it! Now what counter-prank do you have in store for them?

Escape From The Blue Bathroom Review

 There is a bit of pixelation involved in getting a grip on each item. Plus the lack of any songs tends to put people asleep. On the other hand I did enjoy the artistic design and graphical interface. But the auditory deprivation really does throw a fly in the ointment.

Ratings: 4.3 Stars!

Play Escape Blue Bathroom!


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