Sonic Blox

Check out this #Sonic version of #Tetris! #Sega
 It's time to play another round of Tetris! No I'm not talking the old fashioned way. But a whole new spoof. Ladies and gentlemen. May I introduce you to "Sonic Blox"!

 Hey, I believe your arch-enemy could be on your side. Oh wait a minute. He breaks one block. Making it more difficult. So what did you expect anyway.

 Use the Arrow Keys and your head to create the perfect Tetris combination by matching corresponding blocks by color. As with all varieties of Tetrises, aim for the highest score possible without piling those blocks upon high.

Sonic Blox Review

 I am completely awe-struck by Sega's interpretation of Tetris! The high profile music, 16-bit graphics, and a touch of Sonic all come together making a unique experience and video gamed atmosphere! Sonic Blox definitely gets 5 stars from me!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Sonic Blox!


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