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Help Mr. Red Beard Reach for gold in this #2DPlatformer! #OnlineGames #FlashGames Help Mr. Red Beard find some treasure to call his own on this third-person platformer. Collect the color-coded dots to activate corresponding leverages. Find that golden nugget. In order to teleport unto the next stage.

 Fellas, This guy has a tendency to slip. So be extra dainty with him. Never mind those purple-eaters. Did I mention he can't swim? Just five seconds immersed underwater will plunge him into the abyss.

The Arrow Keys are pretty much all you need to control this wimp of the seas. Hey' at least he knows where the moneys at.;)

Red Beard Review

 Not too challenging nor simple. The graphics have a great momentum upon a cartoonish API. The platform is fairly addictive and quite interactive. It's games like these which will keep you preoccupied when your bored.

Ratings: 4 Stars!

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