Nicky Boom

Guide Nicky Boom on a quest to save his grandfather from the evil Zoldrane! #PlatformingGames #AdventureGames #Commodore64
 "Nicky Boom" is a side-scrolling platform adventure developed by Alain Lambin of Microids for the Amiga Commodore 600. A popular computer game platformer of the late 80's and early 90's.

 Nicky Boom's grandfather has been utterly cursed and held captive by some old gruesome witch by the name of Zoldrane. The once peaceful canopy surrounding her lair has fallen into her evil spell. Whatever resides within that forest has now turned as ugly and hideous as she is. Only one thing can save grandfather and return paradise unto these woods.

 Help Nicky squash(or throw rotten apples at) these beasts while he goes on a scavenger hunt, searching for the that potion of destiny-namely the Elixir. Control Nicky with the Arrow Keys hitting C V B to unleash your ammo(logs, bombs, and rotten apples oh my!). There are many secrets and goodies that are bursting at the seams. But don't expect much more then a few brownie points.

Nicky Boom Review

 The platforms are clean and user-friendly(minus the rotten ammo). With a surreal classical soundtrack and crispy sound-effects. Amiga Magazine only gives this platformer a 50. But I think Mr. Boo Boo deserves a much higher score. The fantastical storyline coupled with it's simple and nostalgic appeal, makes for an outstanding 2D side-scrolling adventurous tale!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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