Lord of the Stars

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 "Lord of The Stars" is a RPG platforming game from the studios of Strout's Games.
Long ago,

 Before time ever was. The God of Wisdom created the Expanse. A Universe arrayed in peace. Governed by order and creativity. Together he crowned the stars with splendor and beauty-and gave them the gift of choice and the seeds of immortality.

 But some did not appreciate their given lots among the Firmament. Together they fought for treason. They thought they could assassinate The One and Only. Under one leader, they marched upward to Zion. and laid-out ramps to siege the Beautiful City of God. Ultimately, a cosmic battle ensued and waged on for quite some time.

 Until The Great Spirit struck them as fast as lightening unto the face of the Earth. One third of heaven was lost. No longer was there unity among the stars. But constant struggle between good and evil.

 After roaming to and fro across the four corners of the Earth. These Fallen Ones witnessed The Eternal One sculpturing a perfect clay figure out of the sand of the Earth. Then blowing into it's nostrils the breath of life, instantly, this lifeless corpse became a living soul!

 Jealousy burned within Lucifer's heart. "If the Threesome Counsel of God can't be defeated, then we'll have to ruin Yahweh's most prized possession"."Thus, we shall allure the sons of humanity unto our side"!

 Though many a brave soul have elected themselves to fight against these hideous beasts. Many have prudently withdrew themselves.  A few have even crossed over to the other side out of their own free will. Only a faithful remnant-two/thirds of the hosts of heaven remain to this day.

 You have been chosen my friend. To vanquish this evil presence among us for millenia. You hold the power to unite the cosmos from On High. Only you have been selected with four others. To put an end to this evil and restore the Universe to it's primordial state. Will you do this for humanity? And please the only benevolent Lord of the Stars?

Lord Of The Stars Review

 I am very impressed by the rich storyline behind this flash game. The graphics and soundtrack has that oriental taste of folklore tinged in(despite it being made out of paper Mishay). Basically, what you have is more of a rag-doll platforming adventure. Weather it be worms or snowmen, be sure to club from a distance. All in all, not bad for a role-playing game.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Lord of the Stars!

Note: What I wrote above is just fiction. In reality, no angel or human can do what Jesus is doing now! :)


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