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Here is the first installment of nevermore! #AddictingGames #OnlineGames
 Today I've found a hands-on adventure game. All about a boy living among the suburbs of "Nevermore". A major city and port. On a tropical Island.


 Waking up this morning, this little boy notices the air doesn't feel quite right. A powerful thunderstorm brushed by. Leaving the soil drenched from the night before.Whatever brewed up the storm is also making it quite nippy. With no T.V. or radio of his own, the lad is left to wonder the streets in search of a weather report.

 With each passing hour, the winds only grew stronger. Until an ominous line of clouds started rolling in from the northwest from the docking bay. White flakes started descending from these clouds. A little at first. But soon enough the whole town of Nevermore was engulfed in a couple of inches of snow! Finally the boy musters a little courage to speak-up unto a passer-by...
The boy: "What is going on?!

Some bystander: "It's a snowstorm"!

The Boy: "What"?!

Bystander: "Global Cooling is setting in"!

Bystander: "Now even we have seasons of sorts"!

Bystander: "Next the seas will slowly disappear out of the horizon"!
 You must quickly board the Nevermore railway which will transport you to the airport. A plane will take you to the equator. Where it'll be warm. Use the Arrow Keys to move, the Spacebar to jump[press and hold for higher ascent], and use your mouse to click when appropriate. Be sure to hurry as the trolley hasn't got all day.

Nevermore Review

 I am completely sold by the simplicity of this side-scrolling platformer! The graphics are fairly unique and unconventional or informal for lack of a better term). the story doesn't really go anywhere. But just the sheer thrill of wondering through a 2-Dimensional world and exploring every nook and cranny makes this adventure all worthwhile!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Nevermore!

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