Motocross FMX

See how many stunts this dude can pull off in motocross FMX! #FlashGames OnlineGames #CarGames
 Motocross FMX is a sporty strategy-building vehicle game developed by Irey Soft LTD. Hosted by

 Alright! It's time to take your little dirt bike for a spin! Let's see how many stunts you can pull in an obstacle coarse. Choose an outfit and a set of wheels(whichever you think does the job better). Make it your aim to performs a few awesome stunts. The more in quantity and quality, the higher your scour. Just keep a wary eye on that energy meter below. You want it to stay within a 4,5,6 radius. That way, your stunts will have more juice. Do not crash or take all day. As time and mobility are factored in as well.

 Or if you just want to have fun. That's fine with me. Go knock yourselves out.

Motocross Review

 I wasn't to thrilled about this one. For one thing, it was too easy(nevermind frustrating) to tip over and crash(a major blunder). There was barely any stunt boards to write home about. Except maybe a few ramps and logs here or there. Even if you do perform a stunt, you'll need to stretch your fingers to strike numbers 1-7 on your keyboard.

 On the other token, I do give this guy some credit for inserting such an upbeat introduction. Though I doubt I'll ever come back much.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

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