Dick Quick's Adventure Island

Help Mr. Quick get help from the natives over his plane crash. #PlatformGames #AdventureGames
 "Dick's Quick Adventure Island" is your basic adventure platformer from Paul Spencer. Released in 2003 exclusively for the browser-based online gaming niche.

 Mr. Dick has spent his entire 401k on a private jet and a dream vacation upon a tropical island in the vast Pacific(O.K. apparently, not a real bright fella). A 7 night 8 day stay at the Malachi Resort. An 8 star luxurious hotel right on the shores where the setting sun rests it's weary head. Anything he ever wanted was indulged without restraint.

 But heading back home was not so flattering. Just 50 miles upstream was a powerful Cyclone named Gerki. At that time air traffic control couldn't get to him. The reason? He left the radio off while listening to his Ipod. But once he saw the massive feeder-bands, it was too late.

 Suddenly a mighty gush of wind jolts the aircraft out of control and into the mighty deep. But luckily, he was about a half a mile south and eventually made it ashore upon plane debris. But the natives had problems of their own and seemed to shun him away.

 You must help Dick find some help and get through a few platforms of rocks, spiders, and other devious creatures. Use the Arrow Keys to jump and walk while the Spacebar is for grabbing a hold of utensils and defending yourself(once you have something). If you ever get stuck, look for secret passageways in the sky(that's how I found a knife).

Dick Quick's Adventure Island Review

 I felt the controls were a bit of an impediment on playing this game. Not so much with the buttons but the character seems pixelated as he jumps and maneuvers about. But the sound effects were very crisp and noticeably clear to Spenser's credit.

 Yet when it comes to platforming, I wish he made it crystal clear about what it is we're supposed to to. There's nothing like a dead-end to spoils anyone's safari. Especially if it results in getting eaten by an alligator.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

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