Fire Survivor

Help grandma and the family #escape unscathed from the flames in fire survivor! #MoralGames
 Granny thought of makin' something special for the kids. Around 2 AM, up she rose to prepare a batch of custard pie. Grandma hadn't cooked in over 25 years. But feels she's still got the groove! Next month will be her 90th birthday!

 Meanwhile, back at the kitchen, everything ran along just fine. until her crane mashed an extension cord. Fraying the wires at the base.
Oh dear...This shouldn't be here. Let me sweep it under the carpet. Hopefully it's nothing.
 Instantly, the ovens heat ignited a spark around the extension cord. startling grandma half to death. Suddenly the alarms went off full force.

 Your half-way out of sleep and finally realize what that annoying sound was! You force yourself to awaken! What's more, your alarm is the only one working properly!

 Introducing "Survivor"! An Atari-inspired flash game. By Matmi/Union of Teaching you what to do in case a fire breaks out in your home.

 Go rush Grandma your mom and dad out the front door.Don't forget your baby sister and Red your dog. Look around and find where ever you left that key to the front door. If worse comes to worse, cuddle-up near an open window up top and yell for help. Hurry-up! Or you'll be consumed within a multitude of flames.

  • Z=Opening doors/windows.
  • X=shouting
  • C=Crouching
  • Up-Down Arrows=Ascending and descending the steps.
  • &=Moving about.
 Remember, this is a test to prove your real fire safety skills. What would you do if this were real?

Fire Survivor Review

 Personally, I find it quite challenging. Every time I try and fetch for grandma and the keys, Someone is already dead. And if I do manage to get the whole family, the fire is pretty much up to the attic. But there's a great lesson behind all this(and I guess I've learned mine).

 Towards the end, there's a link that shows measures you can take to prevent a house fire. Overall, I think they did a fine job communicating a vital message through the medium of a classic game portal.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

P.S. That sound you hear as it loads. Don't worry, it's normal. Think of it as starting an Atari 2600.

Have fun!

Play Fire Survivor!


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