Telekinetic Eric

Guide Telekinetic Eric as he attemps to escape the government compound as a guinea pig! #PlatformingGames #AdventureGames #StrategyGames
 Some dweeb named Eric has been confined from birth in a government-controlled facility. The CIA has been investigating on why he came out differently from all the other boys from The Washington D.C. Hospital(who was snatched from her mother against her will). Scientists speculate a extremely rare genetic mutation. It's believed 500 of 8,000,000,000 are born to some extent with this unique genome. Ancients used to refer to these odd cases as gremlins or leprechauns. Many Crypto-Zoologists claim they still exist today. But according to mainstream scientists, no conclusions have been made. Even as proof takes a bite out of them!

 At age 10, Eric is an orphaned homesick boy. Longing for his mother and father. A place to call home. Away from the peering eyes of insensitive, judgemental pricks.

 One day Eric accidentally stumbled upon a gift deeply wired into his DNA-Namely telekinesis. The ability to move objects with your mind. For the first time ever, Eric will attempt to escape his captivity as a guinea pig.

 But there's only one problem. He needs your help! Since being confined in the most inhospitable room known to man, It's a whole new world beyond those four walls. Aid this kid in finding a way to escape from this insane asylum and get back into the arms of his dearly-loved mother.

 Use your Arrow Keys to walk and jump. Point and right-click the mouse to move objects with Eric's mind-controlling powers. Just remember you can manipulate wood.:) Only matter of a magnetic property can be thought-induced.

Telekinetic Eric Review

 The graphics and effects are pretty cool. My only fuss would be his limited powers terrible trampoline skills. Yet 3D look and feel more then make up for the blunders(if your patient). I find this very simplified and entertaining. Clusterdurk Software has done an outstanding job designing a surreal platformer!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play Telekinetic Eric!


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