The Great Giana Sisters

Help these two adolesent girls conquer the forces of evil in The Great Giana Sisters! #MarioStepsister #Nintendo #NES
 Since video games mainly catered to the fellas and Super Mario Bros was only available on Nintendo, Amigo developed a feminine counterpart on PC two years after Mario's debut. Without fail, Nintendo INC. attempted to sue them for plagiarism. Due in part, to very similar if not identical platforming schemes.

 Later on, the case was settled by an undisclosed out-of-court settlement. As part of the agreement, Amigo abruptly halted further distribution of these computer games. Presently, only a few cartridges remain which are now highly prized collectors items.

 Yet many geek fans developed ad-hoc(un-official, amateur) editions either to sell it on the black PC market(which is by the way piracy) or give it away free(which may constitute copyright violations unless under the public domain or Fair Use). Few have even gone so far as to clone Super Mario Brothers for Amigo(before flash games even came to be). But presently, Nintendo has pardoned Amigo and gave them license to develop a new Giana Sister decoy for the Nintendo DS. Due to go on sale in April 2009(now available)!


Once upon a time...

 There lived two sisters from the land of Milano. Commonly ridiculed as "The Giana Sisters". The elder sister founded a saloon in which both pitched in to make ends meet. They were the most virtuous, industrious, and stunningly attractive figures in all the town of Milano. Men only dreamed of dating these two chicks.

 One night after a hard days work, The girls were totally exhausted. So each went to bed early. About a half in hour later, both sisters were completely out cold. While drifting into REM, both eventually came to a vivid realization that they were dreaming. Out from the clouds came Cuddly turtles and squishy mushroom heads which maneuver about psychotically. Suddenly, a platform of blocks spreads out on either side. A violent wind literally sweeps the socks off their feet. Could they be trapped within a computer-simulated dimension?

 Regardless, they have no choice but to wonder through 32 stages of scrolling platform madness! To top it off, they have no shoes upon their feet! Will you help these poor sisters escape this zany caricature?

 Rub the fuzzies out of your eyes and head-bang your way through many perplexing platforms and find that diamond that'll transport them back into their bedrooms safe and sound. Look for power-ups and weapons hidden within brick walls(much the way Mario does his thing). Collect ruby's to score more points. You will never face reality again until that diamond is found!

The Great Giana Sisters Review

 This of course is not the original rendition as there are noticeable differences. For one thing, the girls look a bit more like an average Joe. Not to mention they have shoes on their feet. The music is also noticeably different. Despite these deviance's, these guys did a fine job in creating a counterpart for the online game arena. Although I wish the Spacebar were used instead of the Upper Arrow for jumping. Plus it's a bit difficult when grasping onto a platform. Otherwise, a truly superb retro-themed adventure Mario addicts are sure to love!

Ratings: 4.95 Stars!

Play The Great Giana Sisters!


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