Sims The Taxi Driver

Here is a driving #RPG to write home about! #CarGames #SimTaxiSims Taxi Driver is an RPG from

 today I'm gonna hire you to be a taxi driver. Roam around town and pick up pedestrians on call(green circles). Keep them comfy and bring them to their destinations safely, smoothly, and fast. Unless you want some ABC gum for a tip.

 Don't worry. Your not the only one who received a license at the five-n-dime(hopefully).:) Pretty much everyone including the cops are maniacs. They let you get away with anything(with the exception of ruining their toys;)). So getting where you need to be won't be too much of a hassle.

Sim Taxi Review

 Another fantastic strategic online game from a business vantage point. With a practice mode to get you warmed-up. It even uses cookies to save data from where you left off.

 Besides the lack of extra radio stations for keeping clients at bay, I loved this game! Most role-playing-games seem just way too Sci-Fi action figured for my taste(e.g. World of Warcraft). But once in a while I do come across some rare pearls within a bucket of oysters. It's games like these which keep you coming back for more.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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