Astronaut Moonstalker

Help this lady stalk her former boyfriend on the Moon! #ValentinesGames #ArcadeGames #FlashGames
 One day she discovered the truth and has never felt the same again. After being married for two years, she found out the ice cold hard truth! He's been going out with another girl. Word got out he married her secretary and their off to go honeymooning on the moon. Or so they think.

 It's payback time! Help satisfy the jealousy burning deep inside her heart. Make them swallow their own medicine. Do whatever it takes to crash their own honeymoon. Make em' feel the rage that is burning deep within her.

 But let's not forget the moon is a very treacherous place. Never mind discovering gadgets Apollo 13 has left behind. But you have giant green slimy moon worms who haven't brushed their teeth in Milena's!

 Use your arrow keys to steer the vessel. Collect all the hearts and weapons NASA has left behind. Remember, your objective is to make them wish they never lived. Make them feel the hurt they've caused.

Astronaut Moonstalker Review

  A very-well thought out romance retro platformer. Adventurous with upbeat graphics which give it an astro touch and feel. A lot of the sound-effects(as you could feel) are a steal from "The Jetsons". One of Hana-Barbara's finest cartoons. But all in all, a very interesting game from GSN.

Alright space woman? Knock yourself out...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

[Unfurtunately, the game is now defunct. bummer!]


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