Mini Mario

Collect all the coins on the board before you advance unto the next level! #MarioGames #RohanProductions Your favorite plumbers at it again! But this time he's trapped in no man's land. Lost in the deep recesses of time-continuum.

 Collect all the coins you see on the board. Then a magical door will appear for you to advance unto the next stage. Be wary of those spiked koopas. They bite! Go get em', tiger!

Mini Mario Review

 I thought this was way too short and simplified for my taste. With barely any enemies around save for a little spiked turtle here and there. I guess it's more geared towards the little ones in your family.;) It's just I expected a lot more from a Mario game. Although on the plus side, the soundtrack ain't bad on this game.

Ratings: 1.2 Stars!

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