Cloud Breakou

Check out this unique version of #Breakout from #Snowbunnyluv at! #ArcadeGames
 Today we have a bunch of little winning brats on our hands. Introducing a whole new twist to "Breakout". Cloud style. Developed by Snowbunnyluv at

 There's both an easy and a hard mode. Whatever your fancy. Just be careful of Mr. Storm on hard mode. He'll throw bolts at ya.;)

 You are a cloud rocky. Taking a chance to sail the deep blue skies up above. In order to succeed, you must Breakout!

Use the Arrow Keys to control the your cloud and keep that yellow from make a beeline to the pit. Aim for as many clouds as you can. Collects extra bonuses they might throw at ya to scour more points.

Cloud Breakout Review

 There's nothing like a real cartoonish spin-off of an original concept. What get's me the most is how each character has a personality of their own. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by Snowbunnyluv's imagination. I tell ya. I wish I knew how to make a flash game.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Cloud Breakou!


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