Dino Run Escape Extinction

You must help these Jurassic dinosaurs escape their fate 65 million years ago! #ArcadeGames #RetroGames  DinosaurGames
 Run for the hills! A meteor has just struck the Earth! Massive dino-extinction is under way! If you can't find a way of escape, death shall come swiftly on wings. Introducing "Dino Run"! from the studios of Pixiljam. An Atari-like retro platformer.

 You are a raptor(thank goodness). With strong durable legs, they were make for running! But others arn't so luck. Especially the Brontosaurus. Who's left to mire in the mud. But don't let those obstacles get to you. As a matter of fact you can use them for your own selfish gain.

Climb aboard Bronto's back or hand on to a Pterodactyls talons and rest your feet for a hot second. Snake of a few smaller dino's to get you by. Steal plenty of eggs to reveal a surprise at the end of the course. But don't lag behind too long. Minimum safe distance is far more desirable then getting scorched on an extra egg.

The (so-called)Cretaceous Period has finally come to a screeching halt! The wall of fire is fast approaching! What many of your elder have warned-The apocalypse has now come to past. It is said that no dino has ever crossed the cloud of death. Nor penetrated the wall of fire. That is why you must hurry along and jump right into a subterranean paradise buried somewhere deep within the Earth's crust!

 Be wary of rough terrain. Particularly those ditches that can halt your flight progress. When the sky turns red, pick up the pace! Or you'll be engulfed in black cloud of dust and pummeled by waves of sonic booms.

Dino Run Review

 This game will make you feel like it came from an Atari 2600 system. The 8-bit graphical animation and soundtrack were done very nicely. The old school retro-feel will leave you coming back for more. All you need to use is your Arrow Keys and some hand-eye coordination. Alternatively, you could use WASD. But regardless, you are gonna love racing the extinction line!

Ratings: 4.5 Star!

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