Fireworks Frenzy

Give London one heck of a #FourthofJuly this year with #FireworkFrenzy! July4thGames
 Happy Forth of July everybody! And happy 232end birthday America! Since it's Independence Day, thought I'd like to hand out some virtual fireworks.

 London is having a Forth of July Firework Spectacular. And it's your job to keep track of each one that lights up the sky. Point and click your mouse on an approaching fire cracker in order for them to successfully pop over the skyline. Miss just one and your out of the game(not to mention Big Ben).

Fireworks Frenzy Review

 Not bad for a fast-paced trivial game. With gourmet graphics and fairly good animation, you'll quickly fall into the spirit of Independence Day(well, at least for two minutes).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Fireworks Frenzy!


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