Bubble Bobble 2

Here is the second installment to #BubbleBobble from #NES! #Nintendo
 Bubble Bobble 2 is a virtual spin-off from the original "Bubble Bobble" on NES and Game Boy. Developed by a third-party manufacturer named Taito in 1986.


 Your friend is seriously ill and may die at any moment. At last, he reveals a much kept secret of a subterranean world full of mystical wonders. Including a cure for whatever is ailing your friend. He points you to a jealously sought-after map which points to a mundane crag by the creek side. Quieting your fears, you boldly descent ever lower into the middle Earth.

 A metamorphoses begins to take shape as you continue ever on down the spiraling cave toward the netherworld. Out in the distance, what appears to be a small waterfall eclipses on the horizon. accompanied by rays of luminescent light. Incredibly thirsty, you ram on over like there's no tomorrow. Suddenly you notice your reflection in the crystal-clear water-You are a dinosaur! What's more? there are monsters down there who are not so benevolent.

 You can only destroy these little smurfs suspended on a bubble. Hit CTRL burp one of these gas bubbles and trap an enemy in med-air. Quickly burst those bubbles in order to exterminate them. Otherwise they'll come back to haunt you as red demons. Use the Spacebar to jump and the Arrow Keys to move about(I know, not the best combination).

 Your friend can be downright bratty sometimes, but in a good-natured way. So don't let him down. He's counting on you to be relinquished from his pains. Good luck.

Bubble Bobble Review

 CTRL, does not get along with the Space nor the Arrow Keys. Just trying to reach for the darn button is a pain(nevermind at the same time)! Otherwise, the graphics, smurf animation, and sound remind you in every Bubble Bobble 2.

Rating: 3.99 stars!

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