Here is #Nintendos #ExiteBike. #NES
 I've searched far and wide across the internet and came upon a clone to Excitebike from The Nintendo Entertainment System. Call it a more hip version of the original. With an updated sound and beat. Yet unfortunately, that's how far the benefit goes. Let me just illustrate to you the ups and downs for you below...

  • Greater horsepower
  • Awesome agility
  • Much better soundtracking
  • Not much flexibility
  • Stunts are very limited
  • Has no level editor like the original

All that said, I feel he interpreted the original to the spirit. However, the lack of control leaves you hanging on for the ride.

Ratings: 4.6 Stars!

Play New Exitebike!

Now compare this to the original...

Or play the original NES Exitebike!


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