The Flashy Game

Here is the Flashy Game or the Epilepsy Game by #AddictingGames! My blogs all fixed and ready to rumble! Hurray!!!:) I've been dealing with that notorious, evil, sinister 404 Error message. Written in bold black letters. Staring me in the face.

 Startin' tomorrow, I will be back on my regular regime. Giving you reviews on only the best free online games across the web.:) Stay in touch. In the meantime, just thought I'd give you something to do while waiting.;)

The Flashy Game

 "This is exasperating"...As Donald Duck would say. I don't think there's an end to it. Though I did cheat by taking my cursor off the game.:) [Note: Epileptics and those sensitive to blinking lights stand clear. or better yet, don't play at all or risk falling into a seizure]:))


Ratings: 2.0 Stars!

Play The Dangerous Flashy Game!


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