Ancient King Mario The Quest

Here's what the Mushroom Kingdom looked likes hundreds of years ago! These #AncientAstronauts created the Toadstoolian civilization! #Mario #Aliens #MarioGames In days long ago. Before Nintendo was ever conceived. A dark cloud of chaos descended upon Mushroom Land. Malicious forces mustered their troops against the Mushroom Kingdom. Until it was laid desolate for them to steal the throne and rule with an unruly evil. Spreading darkness unto the four corners of the Earth. But all was not lost.

 A light emerged from the mushroomian captives. A brave knight-A fierce warrior of whom overthrew Ancient King Koopa's throne and restored peace to the land of the mushroom peoples. People far and wide came to crown him their new king. Who would be the great forefather of Peach and Mario. Many eons into the future.

O.K. Got a little carried away there. It's just a futuristic impostor that calls itself a Mario game.;)

Ancient King Mario The Quest Review

 The mouse(I believe) should have exclusively been used for steering and shooting. The graphics very futuristic and interactive. I'd classify this more as a first-person shooter rather then an adventure game. Though I gotta hand it to them. They did a great. But I didn't know Mario was a pilot?;)

Ratings: 4.25 Stars!

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