DABontv Platformer

Get this rubber ball bouncing from point A to B in this #PhysicsPlatformer! #StrategyGames #2DGames
 "Dabontv Platformer" is a platforming game jointly developed by 3CR and Nemo. As a rubber ball you'll be bouncing across many platforms. Encountering the likes of falling spikes, lava pits, and sharp needles. You must collect all line pieces before venturing unto the next course. At which point a portal will open for you to go through. If you die three times the game will be over. So set your priorities straight.

Dabontv Platformer Review

 There's nothing really unique about this adventure game except the music is fairly up to par and the background does appear sketched in stick figure fashion. Although it's nothing to shout home to your friends about, Dabontv has a pretty challenging edge.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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