Super Mario World Flash

Here is another #SuperMario game this time #SuperMarioWorldFlash! #marioGames
 Play with your favorite Nintendo maven who started out on the bottom as a plumber and worked his way up to being a hero..

 As a beginner, he started out as a stuntman Jumpman. Going through hoops rescuing damsels who could care less. He had his fair share of Powzooming crabs on a pipe dream. Declogging many thrones clean beneath the sewage. Au...But he never gave up.

 His big break came around the year of '85. Nintendo wanted a suitable fella for their next blockbuster...And indeed was he the man!

 His career shot up to the stratosphere after the sole debut Super Mario Brothers! No maven in history sold as much video games as he. In which The Guinness World Book of Records lists as the best selling video game of all time! His name will forever be known as "The Capped One"!

Super Mario World Flash Review

 Yes I did find a few mesh-ups with the gaming controls. For instance, A and S don't mix well with running and jumping. It's best to stick with the arrow keys for that. Otherwise, I fell in love with this the moment I played it.

 Super Mario World Flash is very much like it's Super Nintendo cousin. Sure to bring back fond memories. Enjoy!

 *Update*-They've since added customization which allows you to choose which buttons to use for running, jumping, etc. Great move on their part.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Super Mario World Flash!


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