Penguin Diner

Join #Penny in the first installment of this #Winter #TimeManagementGame #PenguinDiner! #WinterGames
 You have just been hired my friend! The owner of Penguins Diner has just asked you to work the daylight shift. Just what the doctor ordered for a bad recession. May I introduce you to "Penguins Diner". A Point-and-click strategy-builder from

 Folks around the north(or should I say south) pole are very grumpy and picky. Make them wait an extra minute and you'd wish you hadn't. In this part of the world not only is the customer right, but also the hand that feeds you. I know it's tempting. But resist the urge to bite.;)

 Invest your new-found profits to buy upgrades. After all, your main objective is to please your customers. The happier they are, the deeper your wallet will become. Just get out there and show them who's boss!;)

Penguins Diner Review

 O.K. I'll admit. I couldn't even beat this game. I only make it to the Ice Burg Cafe. Come day fifty, and there way too fussy!:) So when your hands get tired? I feel for ya. These fellas just don't know when to quit! But all in all, I am very impressed by this strategic flash game which caters toward the business arena!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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