Operation Youth Club

See if you got what it takes to run a #YouthClub. #TimeManagementGames
 Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to run a youth club?

How would you go about organizing it?

Think it's easy?

Ever thought..."Gee. I could do better then that"?

 Well here's your chance. Introducing "Operation Youth Club". A point-and-click strategy-builder geared more towards the business sector. This game was Developed by the team at Baker Grove.

 Today your the general manager. Everything must run super smooth. Gadgets must be bought and installed, employees must be hired, festivities must be planned accordingly, and your clients(the teenagers) must be happy at all times.

 But hold your horses! You only have 100 pounds(British Currency) in your budget. Don't go on a spending-spree only to let your checkbook bounce. Start from the bottom and work your way up(I've learned my lesson:)). You don't want to be forced to shut down or cry for a bailout due to lack of funds.;).

 Start by purchasing a T.V. or Stereo system with a matching sofa and maybe an eye-catching tournament. Then as the money starts pouring in, you could safely go on to bigger and better things. Before you know it, The Operation Youth Club will become the hottest gadget since sliced pizza!

 Remember, having the most exotic youth group up front is groovy. But failure is not an option. You must prove yourself a good steward.

Operation Youth Club Review

 Personally, I like strategic games...And this sure makes a lot of sense economically(compared to McDonald's Video Game). Though they do start you off on an awfully low budget. But that's just the point. We must wisely manage what we do have rather then spend what we don't have. I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two about finances.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Operation Youth Club!


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