Super Chick Sisters

Help these Chiclets bring justice to #KFC and rescue young Tiffany! #Mario #Platforming
 Tiffany reveals a shocking secret on the nightly news! Part of your lunch from your favorite KFC dish contains trace amounts of bird feces and blood! She goes on to report that Chiclets are shot-up with artificial hormones and antibiotics. Beaks are mercilessly snapped off. Legs are thoughtlessly torn like twigs. Feathers are ripped alive!

"All this negative energy"

..She Warned.

"Goes right inside your favorite fast food kitchen. Deep-fried and smothered in a chemical bath to bring back the taste and hide the cries of torture!"

 Before she could take a breath, everything went blank accompanied by a spontaneous shrill...About five seconds later, the lights came back on. But she was no where to be found. A pair of closed-toed high heel shoes were found near her chair. Authorities identified these red shoes as belonging to Tiffany which she wore barefoot to the studios that morning.

 Many were disappointed with the Mario Brothers. Whom as the years went by, became more and more idle. And this incident was no different. Peach warned them over and over...But eventually, the cold truth caught up to them. "Too much Wii will give you Wiiitis"!

 Two little Chiclets(both obviously die-hard fans of Mario) emerged on the scene to rescue this "damsel in distress" and boldly proclaim unto Pharaoh KFC,

"Let my Chiclets go!"
"No longer will we be deceived!"
"We shall overcome!"

Thus, Mario's approval ratings plummeted to 23%.


 From the PETA comes Super Chick Sisters. A 2D side-scrolling adventure platformer( a loose clone of Super Mario Brothers) geared towards the cause of animal rights. Specifically KFC's known record for abusing chickens. The online game industry is just the perfect avenue to expose such a heinous crime.

Super Chick Sisters Review

 What a fantastic parody this was with an excellent moral curve behind the story. But I sincerely doubt the founding father of KFC had bad intentions. To be quite honest, he'd probably turn in his grave if he saw what goes on in his business today.

A lot of parallels can be drawn between the clone and the real thing.

  • The ability to topple your enemies.
  • Using your head as a brick-slicer.
  • The need for reaching the goal towards the end of a course.

 My only pet-peeve would have to be the lack of variety on enemy selection. I mean there should be more foes to contend with then just having a bunch of Harlem Sander spider bots spinning their webs. But otherwise the Super Chick Sisters are sure to give you a thrill(Note: parental discretion may be advised for children under 7). Now go deliver those Chiclets! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to KFC...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Super Chick Sisters!


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