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Check out this Atariesque game "Helicopter Game"! #Atari 1DGaming
 Time to travel back to those two-dimensional favorites. Back in the day when 3 pixels made a blockbuster! The day when Atari ruled the jungle!

 Today, I'm about to show you a very simple yet complex action piece. "Helicopter"! The title doesn't sound like much. But it'll catch on, trust me. Press and hold the left mouse-button to ascent. Let it go to descend in elevation. Make it your aim not to touch anything within the cave or you'll crash and burn.

 A word of advise: If your one to lose-it easily, then let me be frank. You've got to have the utmost patience.:) To succeed, you must keep your eyes glued on the monitor at all times.

Helicopter Review

 I have no complaints other then it's title. But then again if you base something on a simple concept, then why not name it after something straight-forward.;) The contrail of smoke reminds me of my childhood train-sets if you could remember too.:) Feelings of nostalgia may awaken on your journey through the rugged subterranean corridors(that's if your an 80's baby). Enjoy the ride.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Helicopter Game!


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