Sonic Mega Collection Mini Plus

Check out this sneak peak to a new #Sonic game release! #Sega #SegaGenesis
 This Sonic game is a teaser to Sonic Mega Collection Max which has been exclusively released for the PlayStation 2 and X-Box platforms. I was a bit disappointed on the free sample though. Yeah I know, you get what you pay for. Yet many entrepreneurs attribute their success to effective preselling(giving the dog the best piece of meat to make him crave the whole thing).

 A few stunts were noticeably absent like running through loop de loos and carving pathways through those dirt walls. You can't zip though the course without committing suicide. With only two lives and many irritating hurtles along the way, it's easy to get frustrated. But since this is only a teaser, I'll at least give them the benefit of the doubt. Yet Ultimate Sonic Game in my opinion is just way better!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

 Now take a glimpse at the official "Sonic Mega Collections Plus"...

Play Sonic Mega Collection Mini Plus!


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