Sonic Heroes Puzzle

Here's another #Tetris game centered around #SonicTheHedgehog! #Sonic
 Sonic Heroes Puzzle is a game conceived from a joint venture between Teen4 and Sega. A parody of an 80's puzzle-solver, "Sonic Heroes" is very much a spin-off from Tetris.

 Basically the rules of the road are pretty much the same(with few exceptions which I'll get to later). Only blocks will be substituted for Sonic's signature gadgets. You must match each corresponding idem to keep them from piling on high. If you scour enough points, there will be a lot of goodies to get you through more advanced stages.

Good luck!

Sonic Heroes Puzzle Review

 Thought it kinda cute after the umpteenth clone. I'm Surprised they haven't made tetris out of Michael Jackson. But what makes it stand out are the voice simulators and sound effects. The design mimics in every way a classic Sonic game from Sega Genesis. I wonder if if people will start experiencing The Sonic Effect.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Sonic Heroes Puzzle!


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