Go Home NES Style

Here is Go Home. A #Retro #Arcade #Platformer from 9mine.com! From the studios of DanYanPi, I bring you a mutt desperately searching for his home. Lost within the streets of the outskirts of L.A. This is your beloved Nintendo dog named Zwingli.

 Help your new-found friend find his little way home. That's all find and dandy. The only thing? He's wound up in a bad neighborhood filled with inconsiderate thugs and goonies who don't watch what their doing! So be on the lookout in case a weirdo thoughtlessly rams right into you.

 Use your Arrow Keys to steer the dog in any direction. But be careful not to drown in the river(use a raft instead). Collect all the doggy bones you can find to and try to see if you can score the highest. Collect other gadgets to revive your strength(cupcakes, clocks, and whatever else is out there). Good luck and let's hope Zwingli doesn't get a spanking.

"Go Home" Game Review

 The moment my ears detected an old school flavor, I was hooked! The execution and 8-bit touch and feel is just why so many today exclaim "I love the 80's!"(not to mention the music). The 2-D graphics are something from an arcade cabinet but instead of a side-scrolling adventure, your moving along from bottom to top(kind of like Frogger). Clearly, the people over at 9mine.com have done a terrific job in the nostalgic department!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play "Go Home"!


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