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 Today our attention brings us to a funny little adventure game called "Skywire". A two dimensional platformer with a little hint of strategy thrown in there. Developed by the creators of Nitrome. In my opinion the #1 destination for flash games!

 You are the brake-man for three passengers who would much appreciate you get them to their destination in one piece.:) Each time the trolley gets struck, one of your little men goes flying off to who knows where. Losing all three of them will require you to start all over again.

 From flying cuddly bears, smiling butterflies, to even perverted bullfrogs zany birds, Just how on Earth do they expect you to deliver three pedestrians unharmed? It sure Beats Me. Just when your trying to stay on your routine, a four-headed flamingo decides he wants to play spin the wheel. And Just how is a cow enabled to bounce part of his anatomy up in the air? I wonder if the PETA will have their say on this lol.

 Oh and for the damages you may have caused these little ones, don't be surprised to find yourself sued in court.;)

Skywire 1 Review

 All I can say is wow! With an old-school flavor synchronized on the technology of today. It just makes for an amazing side-scrolling experience. Although I was a bit unused to their controls(must use the Up and Down Arrows as opposed to the Right and Left Arrows). Once you get past that hurdle, "Skywire" will leave you craving a second helping!:)

 Patients is a virtue. There will be times you must wait your turn. So zipping through the course won't do you much good. Now go ahead and give these midgets a lift!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Skywire 1!

Skywire 2 Review

 Part two is very much were it's predecessor left off. Only with improved graphics, 10 more excruciating courses, and three surprises thrown in there to add a little spice. Look out for more eccentric oddities for your three little friends to contend with(nevermind the pandas and the balloons).;) Your trolley gets to take a plunge into the sea for a change(now they'll definitely want a refund).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Skywire 2!


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