Dune Buggy

Take this baby out for a spin in Dune Buggy by #Miniclip! #OnlineGames #CarGames
Ever wanted to get into a big wheel?

Ever wanted to test drive a monster truck through thick in thin?

How bout pulling some real stunts?

Well consider yourself lucky. Because today you are driving Buggy to the limits. What I'm saying is you must run some precautionary tests before she officially launches. Pass them all and this baby will be ready for the road.

Pretty simple ai? But don't be so deceived. She has a tendency to tip over. When that happens you crash and burn. Do it too often and those dreaded two words will stare right back at you. Game Over!

Are you ready...O.K. Take those hot wheels for a spin!

Dune Buggy Review

There's nothing like a crisp Rover adventure to start off your work day. Especially with the adrenaline leaping through your veins.;) To me, If there's no adventure to write home about, the game is useless.

What an adventure indeed! From the rocking soundtracks to picking up a few extensions and upgrades to enhance the journey, Iraysoft has just created an outstanding rover game! Not too challenging nor wimpy. There are multiple tracks of stunts and wonders all complete on a 3-D side-scrolling adventure. The animations is in a whole different level! Clearly, Dune Buggy gets an A+ from my desktop.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Dune Buggy!


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