Space Runner

Here are two #Space #PlatformingGames. #OnlineGames  Congratulations! You've just won an Oscar Award! All these years of winding up in the oddest places have finally paid off. You should be proud of yourself!

 Well in this case, you've just awoken from a sound sleep. Suddenly realizing your not in Kansas anymore. Only this ain't no Munchkin Land but an insane asylum! Worse, your stuck in the middle of outer space on a alien spacecraft. Apparently their running an experiment on you as a guinea pig.

 You must collect all the orange dots to open a portal to the next level. Watch out for spinning tops, electrical particulates, and automatic machine guns. Just one touch will terminate you. Finish all the platforms and they will release you back to your home planet(hopefully). Rumor has it that folks find themselves back home in the same way they were abducted.

Space Runner 1 And 2 Review

 In this case, the lack of any music or sound effects is justified by the platforming. However, the game did seem a little lopsided and slightly ill mobile. Part one is pretty much the same way(of course both of these circumstances could be attributed to limited disk space). But aside from all that, I fairly enjoyed this platforming adventure!

Ratings: 4 stars!

Space Runner!

Space Runner 2!


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