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Do all you can to ward off the yellow press in no comment. #FlashGames #OnlineGames Finally! World Peace has been achieved. All nations have now become ONE(an acronym for One Nation Earth). So you must be thinking, "all is well". But not so fast! Since all wars have ceased and crime is no longer existent, journalists no longer have any juicy tales to report. Their last hope is celebrity gossip. Yet they've took a vow of silence!

 Now their coming after every Tom, Dick, and Jerry! It's up to you to ward 'em off before they wear you out(they say throwing pies and tabloid grenades are excellent maneuvers). You just won't believe what these folks will do when there's a yellow famine in the land!

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 The music portrays an atmosphere of the press very well. With snapshot sounds adding into the zest. The game was executed fairly well with newspaper and ink graphics. I wish you could maneuver around(instead of just throwing pies in four directions). Plus you'll have to do a little squinting to read the newspaper. But other then those little pet-peeves, I was fairly impressed with the story line! Good job on a game well-done Brad!

Ratings: 4.99 stars!

Play Avoid The Reporters!


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